Desert IMAX Theatre

Desert IMAX Theatre

We were contracted to work with the Desert IMAX Theatre at a time it had a bad reputation in town with extremely small attendance. In the first two years we worked with them, that theatre had the third and fifth highest percentage increases of any IMAX Theater in the world. In addition to placing newspaper ads, we made posters, brochures, radio and television commercials, promotions, group sales and public relations.

Marketing Plan


The first thing we did when we started working with the Desert IMAX Theatre is to create a written marketing plan. This 77 page document was our guide to make sure we stayed on track in building an audience for the theater.

Radio Commercials


The following radio commercials were created to change the perception of the theatre by giving a more "fun" atmosphere. While we created many commercials for the theatre, these four each won an ADDY Gold Award from the Inland Empire Ad Club and also won an ADDY Gold Award for the campaign.

Desert IMAX - Antarctica, Just Like Palm Springs
Desert IMAX - Grandma's Butt
Desert IMAX - Old Geysers
Desert IMAX - Yogi Bear

Print Artwork



We arranged for many promotions for the Desert IMAX Theatre. Below is a sample of one of them.

Instead of offering a discount on the movie, we arranged for anyone who came to the movie on the bus would get their bus fare reimbursed. It was the same discount to the customer, but structuring it that way got the bus company to place cards like this in all of their buses.

Public Relations


Unfortunately, we don't have samples to provide in this section, but we conducted a vigorous public relations campaign that resulted in many appearances on local television news, numerous radio interviews and appearances in the local daily newspaper. Stories were either tied into the opening of a particular movie or a general story about something newsworthy happening. As the only IMAX Theatre in the media market, we were able to create stories not available elsewhere in the area.