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Inter Mountain Mortgage

Inter Mountain Mortgage

We handled a variety of projects for Inter Mountain Mortgage. We produced radio and television commercials, designed a website in both English and Spanish, worked on public relations, produced a weekly real estate television program and a variety of other projects.

Monthly TV Show


We produced a monthly real estate television program that appeared on local cable stations. It featured homes for sale and who to contact to arrange for a mortgage

Print Advertising


We produced all of the print advertising which ran in magazines and in newspapers

Web Sites

We created two versions of their website, both in English and in Spanish. Not only did these sites give information about the company, they gave general consumer information.

Public Relations

We conducted a public relations campaign that obtained them articles in the newspaper and put them on local television news.


We worked on special promotions for them for the LA County Fair, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and we promoted an energy fair that they created.

Television Commercials:

TV Commercial #1

TV Commercial Spanish #1

TV Commercial #2

TV Commercial Spanish #2

TV Commercial #3

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