Don's Items

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If you have questions on any of the items, please send an email to Mark at He can send additional photos, give you measurements, weight or answer most any question you have. We will answer any questions (and send answers to all) through  June 11.  From June 12 through 18, Please indicate what item(s) you want, if any, in an email to all. If more than one person wants an item, it will be your responsibility to work it out amongst yourselves.  We will ship but you pay for shipping. Any items not selected after June 18 will be offered to other family members and/or donated or disposed of.
2. Flyer from the opera The Ring
3. Poster
4. Poster
5. Large Photo Framed
7. Poster from The Ring Opera
8. Poster from Santa Fe Opera
10. Misc. Artwork
11. King Tut Poster
13. Plates, see notes
Only bowls and cups and saucers are left
15. Stemware
17. Stemware
18. Stemware
20. Champaigne Glasses with logo
21. Small cups
22. Carafe and Glasses
28. Bag Clips
29. Light Bulbs
30. Can Opener
35. Mug
36. Misc Coffee Mugs
38. Tilted Shot Glasses
40. Mud Wrestling VIP Letter
41. Don Wanted Poster
43. Wine Charms
44. Wine Bottle Cooler
46. Flask
50. Stapler
52. Saki cups, carafe
53. Glasses
55. Vase
56. Misc. Mugs
59. Plastic L.A. Clippers Bowl
60. Small Black Plates
64. Towel
69. Wine Glasses
71. Tile
72. Framed Messages
77. Pinocchio item
89. Hot Plate
90. Wireless Speakers - See Note
May only be used with main speaker unit from same company
91. Paper bag
95. Bud Vase
99. Napkin RIngs
100. Art Piece
102. Bathroom Items
103. Tile
106. Box
112. Photo
113. Small photo album
118. Wine Stopper
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10. Misc. Artwork